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Welcome to our first blog! We've been sitting at our computers for too many weeks designing our new website which is super exciting and fairly stressful considering we are not that technical. Finally we have launched! Having come a long way in 4 years Amanda and I wanted to bring you something fresh and innovative to showcase our new products that we are continuously sourcing.  

               Day 1 Ready!!!


What better way to start the year than our collaboration with the fabulous ladies of www.liligrace.co.uk . Their stunning collection of women's clothing of which we ourselves can't get enough of was almost all it took to entice us to set up our first BoxD Gifting Concession. 


  How stunning!Do you blame us! 


How we got to this point is in itself a pinch yourself moment. Having been stay at home mums for 9 years this new zest for building a business and expanding is what drives us each day, and spending time together. 


 Best cards -

thank you #proudcouture


We both love to shop and Amanda is always following and discovering new trends and interests that we can transfer into our daily search for perfect BoxD Gifting collections.  This season we are loving the bold statement of colour and the little details that gives a mark of luxury. This is why we are delighted to have fabulous beaded and crystal patches  available that can literally be stuck to anything, they are insane and going to be huge. 


 *Tinker Tailor  has just arrived at BoxD Gifting *


Silver and glass are still strong and consistent in the market with fabulous pieces of homeware always being requested. Candles and the scents we choose are instant hits. Believe it or not the time it takes to choose that special scent and then to approve the glassware, shape, size, name and packaging is in itself a huge task and one we actually love. 

 ARRIVING IMMINENTLY! Inspired by well known fragrances and #limebasilmandarin and #nectarinehoney - and the smell is spot on! Stunning candles and diffusers we can not wait!

 Books books books! We just can't get enough of sourcing the perfect coffee table books, be it fashion, mindfulness or simply the right statement or look for your room, this constant search for THE book is something we get pleasure from.



Happy shopping and we can't wait for a glass of this to celebrate


and a hug from the kids





Claudine & Amanda xxx


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